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There is a lot that has happened in the first six months of this new year. Life in varsity is a conundrum and I cannot get my head around it. I live life in a futile bid to gain more Instagram followers, to eat the best of everything, to have…

Life comes at you fast. In high school my perception of the world was narrow and bubbled. Reality seldom hits one when they, for years, see the same concrete buildings. One sees the same people with a steady influx of new individuals coming in and out of that environment. It…

I’m so sad, I miss the baby I never had. I didn’t want a baby but I never wanted to lose one, I lost myself too that day. I get it now when you choose to have sex you choose to live with the implications. I can’t live with the implications they’re killing me.

Don’t talk to me, don’t look at me, yes I know I’m pretty thank you but I’m hurting. I want my baby. No, I want to go back to how I was before that happened. This has ruined my life. I feel like the walls of my life are crumbling, no they’ve crumbled.

I can’t help ruminate, he isn’t going to help me. It’s been six months, I should get a grip. I should stop. I can’t stop. Make it stop. Lord, make it stop…please.

I am fucking sick. This is not the varsity life I signed up for.

I got new piercings this past weekend and I must say they hurt a whole lot less than I expected. I suppose that’s what happens when you have already been pierced emotionally, my mid helix being ripped open can not compare to my soul being punctured by my reality. A…


- And a side of optimism please.

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